August Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box

August Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box

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Today we are going to be unboxing and doing a review of the Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box! Each box is $34, and the value of the box comes to double the cost. I’m so excited for the fall and winter boxes because it’s my favorite time of year, and considering Stars Hollow is located in Massachusetts, I’m sure there are a ton of amazing items to come!


Stars Hollow Monthly subscription boxes



So this is what I received in my Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box:


August Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box


Doose’s Market Mug ($14.99 Value)

Even though Taylor was one of the most annoying characters for me on the show, you have to admit the man had the cutest shops. I wish Doose’s existed in real life. This mug is awesome. The emblem isn’t painted on the mug (it’s pressed on), which immediately makes me think I’m going to need to wash it by hand. I did already have someone who thought the mug was for a real place that spelled “deuces” wrong….


“I Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore” Tumbler ($14.99 Value)

I may or may not have squealed when I opened the box and saw this. I’m OBSESSED with good coffee, and I’ve been needing a larger tumbler to bring my morning cup of coffee to work in. I have a test that any travel cup has to pass for my morning coffee. It has to keep my coffee hot when it’s poured while I’m getting ready for the day, it has to survive the car ride to work, and then it has to still be piping hot when I get to the office (because sometimes, as Mr Heckles from FRIENDS would say, I wasn’t ready for it). This passed with flying colors.


Luke’s Non-Slip 4 Pk Coasters ($19.99 Value)

I only have a slight note for these… the “non-slip” part refers to the bottom gripping onto the table, not the coaster holding onto your drink. There is a difference for me. Besides that, these are so unique and awesome. I’m not sure if the people who partner with the box write the price for what it retails for, but I personally wouldn’t pay $20 for these. But either way, the value of the box covers what I would actually pay, and I love them.


Stars Hollow Coffee Sample ($2.99 Value)

Oi with the poodles already! This entire box is basically coffee themed, and I’m not mad about it — Lorelei Gilmore is basically my spirit animal. Lit Cube also has a coffee club in addition to their two other subscription boxes, so if you’re a coffee lover, you may want to add that on to your list to check out as well! I haven’t gotten around to trying this one quite yet, but it smells a bit berry-esque which will be interesting for when it gets a little cooler out.



So that’s it! What do you think of this box? The fact I have a huge love for coffee, hot chocolate, and any other hot fall drink means I was a pretty big fan of this box. You can check out Lit-Cube and the Stars Hollow Monthly subscription boxes here.




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