Celebrating 26 Years Young

Celebrating 26 Years Young

It was April 28th, 1991 at 10:10pm at a birthing center on Merritt Island FL. I’m sure my mother was questioning why she would endure so much pain for the second time… or maybe not since she would go on to have two more kids after me. But here I am.

Fast forward, and I’ve seen and done so many things in my now 26 years on this Earth. I graduated from high school with an IB diploma. I received my bachelor’s in Journalism & PR with a minor in Marketing and Advertising. I studied International PR in London right before the Olympics. I worked for the Braves, Georgia Aquarium, and Operation Christmas Child, to name a few. I’ve freelanced, had jobs that were awful, ones I cried to leave. I love my job because I get to connect people with brands and help them create memories.

I value honesty and integrity. I’ve found that people have become too concerned with what’s convenient than what’s right. True friends are definitely hard to come by, and sometimes you have to let people go. And most importantly, nothing and no one will satisfy whatever you’re looking for, the only answer is Jesus.

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Foxface with Jennifer best friend
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Birthday Weekend Shenanigans

This is the third year in a row that we celebrated my birthday with my husband’s and my friend, Jason. His birthday happens to also fall on April 28th. Our first birthday together the three of us celebrated at Georgia Aquarium, and the second year we had a surprise 90s party. This year we had a group dinner at Fox Bros BBQ and then spent the following day at Ponce City Market walking the Beltline.

Not gonna lie, I’m a slight BBQ snob. I prefer Texas to Carolina, and I’m very critical. Fox Bros BBQ is, in my personal opinion, the best place in Atlanta for BBQ. (It’s also my current favorite on a national level as well)  Jason and I also have a tradition where we “fat kid it up” at restaurants (especially Fox Bros), and our birthday was no exception. Our tradition is to get the Texas fries with pork as an appetizer, and we don’t talk or breathe until it’s gone. Joseph typically does 90% of the talking at the beginning of any meal when the three of us eat out.

Some of my favorites from the menu at Fox Bros include: their Arnold Palmer and ranch dressing (I know you can get those anywhere, but theirs is my favorite), Texas fries, fried pickles, ribs, mac and cheese, brisket, and chili mac.

Ponce City Market and the Beltline are a must, whether you’re visiting Atlanta or a full-time resident. I bought a few things in the Market on the 2nd floor… unfortunately I don’t remember the stores. But I got a candle that smells amazing, and a gorgeous glass candle holder that reminds me a bit of Beauty and the Beast. I also stopped in the book shop and bought a single piece of stationary that I plan to frame near my vanity. And of course we stopped by to get a popsicle from King of Pops!

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foxface with jennifer atlanta shopping
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Anyways, thanks for following me along for the ride! I’m grateful for all of you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you get notified when I post new updates. Leave a comment down below on future posts you’d like to see, stuff you love, whatever!



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