Check Out This Cool Kickstarter – The Air Lamp

Check Out This Cool Kickstarter – The Air Lamp

Levof Tech launched a kickstarter campaign that is taking modern home decor to an entirely new level.

Last year, there was the floating lightbulb. Which I would have purchased based on aesthetics alone. #Hipster. This is the “Air Lamp,” which was created by the same manufacturing group as the floating lightbulb. It’s completely portable, and the light portion levitates and spins!


The lamp comes in three colors: silver, rose gold and black. (Rose gold – YAS!) It has two USB ports and can last up to 12 hours. It’s also wire-free, which means you can move it wherever you want. (Man, that would have come in handy when we had that awful thunderstorm last month and had to use candles and a cell phone ring light to see)

I love Kickstarter campaigns. I love when entrepreneurs find something they’re passionate about and just go for it. Kickstarter is a lot like having traditional investors (without them having a say in production or distribution, which helps entrepreneurs avoid getting screwed out of their own inventions).


The Air Lamp kickstarter


What do you think? If you’re interested in learning more or supporting the Air Lamp, click here. And let me know what other awesome Kickstarter campaigns that you find that we should check out!




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