Colourpop Makeup Review – Collab with @BlushToSweaters

Colourpop Makeup Review – Collab with @BlushToSweaters

Hello everybody! I’m super excited for this post because I’ve teamed up with my new friend, Lauren McPherson, from the blog Blush to Sweaters for a massive review of our Colourpop collections.

Coloupop has been taking off thanks to a lot of mentions via social media and Youtube. Their products are super affordable, with their lippie sticks at $5 and their liquid lips at $6. But unfortunately, since Colourpop is only offered online right now and they don’t allow returns, it’s great to hear reviews from others to be confident in your purchase. (I can definitely say that I’ve had hits and misses)

So buckle up and join me (FWJ) and Lauren (BTS) as we share our obsessions, our mehs, and cringes on 34 of Colourpop’s products! And be sure to check out Lauren’s blog, Blush to Sweaters by clicking here!

Lippie Sticks

Colourpop Lippie Sticks Review

Only You – (FWJ) For anyone with light-medium skin tone, this is a Colourpop lippie you should definitely look into. It’s a perfect everyday color, with brown and pink undertones. The arm swatch on the site is definitely a little dark in my opinion. This lippie is creamy, only needs one swipe, has been living in my purse ever since I bought it.

Pillow Talk – (FWJ) I was a bit afraid to jump into the bold brown lip trend, but YAS HONEY. It’s a matte formula, so it doesn’t budge and it gives an extra oomph to your confidence. This is what dreams are made of, Hilary Duff.

She Bad – (FWJ) Maybe it’s my skin tone (I’m fair with pink undertones), or maybe it’s Maybelline. I was not impressed with this one. For some reason, this matte lippie gives me that dreaded line in the middle of the mouth where it’s super obvious. The color is lighter than my actual lips, and really it just washed me out. I’ve layered this, but really it’s too much work. Personally, I’d pass on this one.

Wet – (FWJ) It’s on last call, and I can see why. It’s streaky, and building it up is not an easy task. I got it because it was such a unique color, and hey maybe if I’m an alien for Halloween I’ll pull this out and try to make it work.


Liquid Lip

Colourpop Liquid Lip ReviewsColourpop Liquid Lips review


Aquarius – (BTS) The best way I can think to describe this color is to say it’s a warm toned nude. So it has more of a brown tone to it than most nude colors do. This is an excellent consistency and feels so smooth on the lips! I seriously love Colourpop’s liquid lip formula!

Aquarius 2 – (FWJ) This is such a flattering matte formula. It reminds me a bit of Only You, but in liquid lip form. It’s a flattering, darker pinky nude lip. This is an extension of the Aquarius collection by Kathleen Lights, and I believe this is the darkest color.

Beeper – (FWJ) This is beautiful, but the color it goes on will not be the color it dries as. The color goes on almost identical to Aquarius 2, but then it dries much darker. I would say the lips photo on their website is pretty accurate to what it looks like in reality. I love this… call me beep me if you wanna reach me.

Love Muffin – (BTS) I cannot stand the matte feeling on my lips, but this gives you a matte look with a bit of shine that doesn’t dry out your lips!! This color is VERY light. It would go well with a very subtle makeup look, I would recommend using this product with a lip liner as well, to help keep the color inside your lips.

Mama – (FWJ) Mama likes this one! It goes on a bit more of a burnt reddish orange, so slightly deeper in tone than what’s shown on the website or through the tube. But I feel like it would be beautiful on any skintone, and I’m a huge fan that it’s kiss-proof and pasta-proof. Mama Mia, how can I resist you?!

Point Zero – (FWJ) Obsession does not even cover how I feel about this gorgeous deep grey-brown toned liquid lip. I included it in my March Favorites post for good reason. It’s an ultra-satin lip, so it’s not exactly kiss-proof. But the pigment is beautiful (I’d say it goes on darker than the tube color), and if I had to pick my favorite Colourpop liquid lip, it would be this one.

Teeny Tiny – (FWJ) It surprised me how dark this was… I thought Point Zero would be my darkest liquid lip, but since that one has a grey undertone, Teeny Tiny takes the prize. The website describes it as a greyed out plum, though I’m not sure I agree. To me, it’s more of a browned plum. The formulation is super sleek though, so be careful or your lips will not look teeny tiny.

Times Square – (FWJ) This is almost identical to Aquarius 2 in pigment. (I will say the color on the lips is definitely darker than what is shown on the website) They’re both matte, both have a rosy nude look. But Times Square’s formula is NOT my favorite. It’s tacky, thick, and the formulation felt off. Nope nope nope.

Tulle – (FWJ) Teeny Tiny and Tulle are very similar, except that Tulle has more of a red/deep purple undertone. But it’s still a deep brown, matte, and gives a vampy look. You would love this if you like dark smoky eye makeup.


Pressed Powder Shadows

Pressed Powder Shadows Colourpop

Come and Get It – (BTS) I was so excited to try out some of the new pressed shadows so I ordered a couple. The shades I ordered all seem to be in the same color  range that I live  in: peachy/maroon/mauve.  This is by far my most favorite shade out of the five that I ordered. In the light it just captivates your eyes and you can’t help but smear it ALLLLL over your lids! I’m obsessed.

On the Fence – (BTS) If you haven’t learned by now, I really like to add a bit of pop/sparkle to the middle of my eye lid when I’m done with my eye makeup. This is another shade that is perfect for just that. This one is veryyy subtle though and has hardly any sparkle to it. It’s also very light pink and screams spring to me! I love it!

Pebbles – (BTS) If you like to do smokey eyes, I’d highly recomend purchasing this color. It’s that perfect tone to add a bit of depth and smokey-ness ( it’s a word, don’t fight it! ) to your outer corner/crease.

Poodle – (BTS) This reminds me of Paradox, but it’s much easier to get onto a brush! It’s a bit lighter than paradox and much more creamy. They both have pros, but the only thing I can think of that would be better about this one is if there were an easier way to pick it up with a brush.

Secrets – (BTS) This is a beautiful peachy toned shadow. It’s a great first base color, as well as a blending shade! I highly recommend this for anyone that loves peachy tones, or spring-y looks!


Super Shock Shadows

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows review

Amaze – (BTS) This shadow definitely looks way darker than it actually is. It goes on subtle, golden, brown, with a little sparkle. It’s absolutely beautiful, but don’t expect to get a strong brown color! I would also recommend applying this with your finger rather than a brush. It’s very hard to get the product out with a brush.

Blaze – (FWJ) When makeup artists talk about dimension, they’re referring to adding different pigments that have a highlight/shadow to them and don’t make your face look flat. The flecks of sparkle in this shadow add so much depth, especially in the outer corner of the eye, or in the crease. I typically like to swirl my brush in circular motions when applying to make it more seamless.

Brady – (BTS) This is a great color to blend any neutral toned eye with. I usually use it as the first base of any of my maroon toned eye looks. Don’t be afraid to really get your brush in there! It’s a little difficult to pick up the product but blends out beautifully!

Eye Candy – (BTS) I’ve hit pan on this one. If you’re a makeup lover like we are, then you’ll know that means serious business! It’s very rare that I hit pan on anything, I actually wore this on my wedding day too! I don’t think much more needs to be said other than: it’s beautiful, you must buy it, you need it, go get it!

Mooning – (FWJ) Glitter is tough to add to shadow without looking tacky, but Colourpop really has it down when it comes to their shadows. Product kick up is almost nonexistent, and there is no fall out during application. This shadow has brown/purple flecks instead of silver or gold. I love to use this in my outer corner, and like Blaze, I will use a circular motion when applying. So if you’re a toned down kind of lady, this is a great middle-of-the-road compromise.

Paisley – (BTS) Paisley is one of my favorite Super Shock Shadows. This is what I normally put on to add a bit of sparkle and pop to the middle of my eyes when I’m done with a smokey eye look. I always apply it with my finger and just dab it where ever I desire a little sparkle! This goes beautifully over any brown shade.

Paradox – (BTS) I am completely obsessed with this color. Not just in this shadow, but this color in general. I always tend to end up with a maroon smokey eye. I really think it compliments brown eyes. This product blends out seamlessly and is easy to work with. Highly, highly reccomend purchasing this shade!!

Rainbow – (FWJ) Unfortunately, this shadow has retired. This one is almost translucent in pigment when applied, and instead leaves a trace of rainbow of glitter. My inner unicorn is so happy with this shadow. I put this under my brow bone or in my inner corner to highlight. The lack of pigment is slightly disappointing, and I do have to go a bit ham to apply this.

Smash – (FWJ) I received Smash, Vega, To-A-T, and Mooning in their 4-shadow All Nighter pack. That pack is only missing an inner corner/brow bone highlight. I will add Blaze to it for more dimension, but you can make an entire look from those. This one is beautiful on its own, or on the lid. It has a slight golden sheen to it, but it looks so natural and not at all powdery.

So Quiche – (BTS) This looks like it would be a very dark brown, but when it blends out it’s more of a dark grey color with specks of purple sparkle throughout. It’s a good color to use when blending in a dark brown area if you want to add a bit of pop.

Stereo – (BTS) To be honest, I forgot I even had this shadow! I think I used it once to add some depth to my outter corner. But WOW am I glad I found it again! It’s so smooth and when I swatch it the color pay off is great!! I can’t wait to play with this one a bit more!

Sugar – (BTS) I bought this because I wanted to be daring and try something completely out of my comfort zone. I only use this on my inner corner when I want to add a pop of color to a look. Or it’s the only color I use all over my eyes and then add just a bit of mascara to finish it off. I have only ever applied this with my fingers so you get the best color pay off.

Tang – (BTS) This is PERFECT for blending in your crease. It’s a very light mauve color, very easy to apply, beautiful and smooth. You could also wear just this all over your eyes and it would add a bit of depth to your eyes for a very easy, beautiful look!

To-A-T – (FWJ) This is THE perfect matte blending color. It’s a cocoa brown, and the swatch on their website is pretty accurate. It’s so creamy, blends beautifully, and it’s tough to go overboard when applying it. I will definitely be hitting pan soon on this one. It’s just so versatile!

Vega – (FWJ) I was a little concerned this would be too much like Blaze, which it is, but in a totally different way. This has a champagne foiled look to it, even though it has glitter spread throughout it. If you like Das Esspensive nail polish by KL Polish, you’ll like this.

Eye Liners

HoneyDude Colourpop liner

HoneyDude – (FWJ) A friend of mine taught me to always put something in the water line when doing eye makeup. This liner is completely skin tone (if you’re light-medium), and perfect to clean up the eyes a bit and pull the entire look together. Everything from Colourpop definitely has great pigment, so I’m really looking forward to purchasing more of their liners.



WHEW! Hopefully you enjoyed this insanely long post. What are your favorite Colourpop products? Leave us your recommendations on all things Colourpop below and we will be sure to check them out! And don’t forget to follow @blushtosweaters on Instagram.

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