DAZI Men’s Ties are All YAS for Spring/Summer Weddings

DAZI Men’s Ties are All YAS for Spring/Summer Weddings

One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is finding the little details where you can uniquely be yourself and let your personality shine through. A lot of wedding products feel impersonal and very “one size fits all” — and for good reason. The wedding industry is huge and everything is produced in bulk. But if you have a spring or summer wedding, I think I have an amazing men’s ties brand that you should look into for the special men in your ceremony!


DAZI Men’s Ties


Dazi Men's Ties Wedding
DAZI men's ties
Dazi Navy Blue Floral Men's Tie


DAZI men's ties skinny tieCan we take a moment for how handsome my husband is in that tie? He’s wearing the style called Crew (pictured left). It’s a gorgeous muted blue with multiple undertone colors, which gives it dimension in photos. I love the quality of DAZI’s ties. They’re 100% cotton and they’re handmade. Not to mention that in addition to their skinny neckties, they have bowties, pocket squares and tie bars. They also have kids’ ties for any little ones in the wedding party!

Their online selection is so versatile. If you’re a southern belle looking for a floral bowtie, they have one! If you’re more of a city rooftop type of gal, you’ll get a Mad Men vibe from some of their skinny ties.



Why I love DAZI

  • They’re unique
  • Each tie is high quality, but for an affordable price point
  • They have bulk order discounts!
  • The ties are handmade
  • They’re perfect for all special occasions — not just weddings!


My Current Favorites

  wedding ties for men DAZI unique men's ties

 (Click each image to shop)


To learn more about DAZI, or to check out their men’s ties, bowties, pocket squares, and more, check out their website or follow them on Instagram. Which one is your favorite? I’m thinking Joseph needs Coral Flor next!!




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