DIY : Urban Corner Dress Rack

DIY : Urban Corner Dress Rack

I have learned a very valuable lesson from DIY projects – if there are more than 4 steps, better not. (Keep an eye out for my upcoming post for how I learned that lesson) Space in our apartment is a little limited, and since I have a touch of a shopping addiction, that means even less closet space for my poor husband. So I decided to make my own dress rack!

This project is pretty fool-proof. I will say that you should assemble the rod portion of your dress rack in Home Depot. (This stuff is in the plumbing section though, so bring a Lysol wipe) Nothing is more embarrassing than getting home and realizing you don’t have all of the pieces. Then you have to go back and avoid that guy you begrudgingly said “No, I DON’T need help, thank you!” to… it’s just an awkward situation.

Dress Rack Materials:

Make sure your pipe has been pre-cut. (It should have grooves on the end that let you twist on the other parts) If it doesn’t, I’ve been told you can request that Home Depot add the “threading.” (Don’t quote me on that one… I’d say find one with the grooves) On each side, you will screw on the elbow joints, then the nipple, then the flanges.

DIY Urban Dress Rack

Assembly Materials:

  • Power drill
  • (6) 1/4″ screws (don’t use nails)
  • Level
  • Pencil

Assembly for this dress rack is also super easy. I’d recommend having one person hold it up and then have another person use the level to find the perfect spot. Then use a pencil to mark the holes just in case the power drill causes you to slip a bit. Drill the screws into the flanges, and you’re done! I originally displayed my wedding dress for the entire first year of my marriage on my dress rack, but now I have a variety of clothes on it.


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    • In the tub?? I’m hoping you mean for day of…? I actually made this after the wedding, and during our first year of marriage it hung next to my vanity. It just made it so special to look at every day.

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