Eating Our Wedding Cake A Year Later

Eating Our Wedding Cake A Year Later

One of the wedding traditions I never fully looked into was eating the top tier of the wedding cake on your first anniversary. I’m going to go ahead and give you a spoiler: our cake bombed. And not in the good way.

To be completely honest, I didn’t want to do the cake saving tradition.

(GASP!) Sorry, just being honest. I felt it was similar to the garter tradition, it just wasn’t necessary. And both sounded a little gross. I was totally fine with having a two tier wedding cake and taking nothing home. But our venue basically included the top anniversary tier in the pricing, so here we are living to tell the tale.

There are so many things that people will tell you about your wedding day that may or may not happen… quite forcefully, I may add. We have some hilarious stories that I’ll be sure to tell in future posts. But one of the things that people harped on me continuously was that we most likely wouldn’t eat anything so we should do the cake tradition. (Fun story, not only did we eat, but we were given a to-go bag so we ate again)

Pro-tip: Ask friends or family how their wedding cake was stored and if it worked for them.

Ours is a perfect example of what didn’t work. My poor husband. Seriously. The poor guy talked about that cake for weeks. The week of our anniversary he constantly brought it up. (My husband has a sugar problem) We got maybe two bites in (the second was to make sure it really did suck that badly), and had to throw it away.

Our venue wrapped our cake in plastic wrap, then put it in a box with a sticker with our wedding date on it, then wrapped it again in plastic wrap. Nope, nope, nope. It tasted stale with a touch of freezer burn. The only thing that was still relatively ok was the frosting, which is concerning now that I sit and think about it.

My sister-in-law said their cake tasted wonderful after the year. Though to my understanding, they took their wedding cake out and rewrapped it in aluminum foil… so maybe if you choose to do this tradition, put yours in a glass Pyrex, then wrap that in aluminum foil, then suspend it in liquid nitrogen before having it take up half of your freezer (kidding).

Eating our wedding cake after a year on our anniversary
Anniversary wedding cake

If I had to do it all over, I would have opted out.

Just keeping it real. It’s your wedding. You don’t have to do any of the traditions. Personally, I just don’t think it was worth the freezer space. I would have either opted out entirely, or done the smart thing and eaten the cake a week later.

But, just like marriage, funny things happen and you live to post about it on social media.



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6 thoughts on “Eating Our Wedding Cake A Year Later”

  • Oh man!! I’ve been so excited to try our top tier. Our anniversary is June 4th and that dumb thing has taken up so much space in our tiny apartment size freezer. It better be worth it!!!

    • As you can see, ours was terrible! Hopefully yours was wrapped differently! Also, take yours out a day or two early and move it to the refrigerator to let it thaw.

  • I was recovering from gall bladder surgery at our wedding, so I could only eat a teeny tiny bit of cake. So, I was really looking forward to eating the cake on our 1 year anniversary. I was so disappointed! It was gross, and we only ate one bite!

  • Good to know! We are getting married next week and I haven’t even thought about this. I feel like the tradition started back when people had fruit cakes at their wedding – which literally could be kept fresh…not even in the freezer. So, I wasn’t even sure if people still keep their cakes. We’ll see what we end up doing. Thanks for the insight!!

    • Congrats on your wedding!! Yeah, we really didn’t think through it as much as we should have. I honestly wish we had eaten it a week later. We would have been so much happier doing that.

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