Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for Summer

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for Summer

Summer may be coming to a close soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fully enjoy these last few weeks diffusing summer essential oil blends! Air fresheners have so many harmful ingredients and personally I hate how “heavy” a room feels after using an air freshener… is it just me or does anyone else feel like that?

I’ve been diffusing these mixtures that I received in a pamphlet by artnaturals and I wanted to share their recipes with you because so far I’ve really been enjoying them. Essential oils have so many amazing benefits. I’ve been using them regularly in my diffuser, in my skincare routine, and for my hair! You can also check out my Top 5 Essential Oils here.


Note: If you don’t have a diffuser, no worries. Bring a medium to large pot of water to a boil and then add a few drops of essential oil for a similar result.


5 Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes


Summer Solstice 








Sweet Summertime 




Cool Down





Paradise Bliss




So that’s it! Do you have any blends for summer that you love? Leave a comment down below on what essential oil combinations you love for your diffuser!





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