My Favorite Artists – Spring

My Favorite Artists – Spring

If you’re new to my blog or just getting to know me, you should know that I’m heavily into aesthetics. Whenever I’m in a new apartment or office, it’s important that I make the space my own. So it’s pretty typical to find art, vintage pieces, photos, etc. around. I’m constantly on the lookout for new inspiration and pieces, so I’m pretty sure this post is going to become a reoccurring series.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite artists with you. There are some watercolor artists, interior designers, an illustrator, and a stationary couple. All of them are amazing. Some are friends… some I dream about being friends with one day. But all of them have immense talent and I highly recommend you checking them out.


Sauleja Ilgune (SaulejArt)

sauleja watercolorI’m very blessed to call this first artist a close friend of mine — and she is beautiful inside and out. Sauleja and I went to college together and we have a pretty special story. She received her first art supplies in a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child while she was living in Lithuania as a child, and I ironically was working for OCC when she told me about her box. It’s incredible to see how that shoebox was the starting point for Sauleja’s beautiful watercolors. Sauleja’s work has made an appearance behind-the-scenes on my Instagram for a while now… I quite proudly display all of the pieces Sauleja has gifted to me over the years. I have watercolor paintings of a few animals, beautiful flowers, and water scenery. Most recently, Sauleja mailed me a beautiful card (pictured) with a Bible verse in Lithuanian. She should be getting her website up soon, but for now check out her Facebook page and Instagram.


Caitlin McGauley

Caitlin McGauley watercolor

Speaking of water color, I’ve literally been dreaming of having an original Caitlin McGauley hanging in my bedroom… or in the hallway… or maybe above the mantle in the living room… anyways it’s been a dream for a while. This lady’s work is incredible. She’s a watercolor genius, and I love her Instagrams of her sweet kids and when she gives an inside look of her paintings. She paints with her heart, and you can definitely tell. I would say my favorites are her creations of Paris, London and New York. Her flowers are also gorgeous, as are her fashion shots. Really all of it is amazing. Check out her wallpaper and prints here, and definitely be sure to follow her on Instagram.



Pencil & Paper Co.

pencil and paper co interior design
If I weren’t in PR, interior design would have been my calling… and Benjamin and Genifer would have been two of the designers I would have fan girl’d over if I met them in person. (Though no promises that wouldn’t happen anyways) I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that their website lets you shop their favorites for decor. I’m a huge fan of enhancing the beauty of a space, and they execute that with impeccable detail. Natural sunlight, open shelving… I’m hooked on their work. Whenever I’m aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, their posts always make me scroll back up and take a moment to soak everything in. They’re an amazing husband-wife design duo, and my love of marble, brass, white with pops of color is made complete in their designs. Check out their website!




Art of Chelle Elle

art of chelle elle - michelleMichelle is an old roommate and co-worker of mine. We interned at Georgia Aquarium together, and well I just couldn’t get enough of her so we ended up roomies prior to both of us getting married. Michelle is an illustrator, a lover of asian culture, and one of the best listeners I know. Her sketches are some of my favorite to binge-scroll through because they’re so free and full of inspiration. I also love when artists show more of their process, their thoughts, and new experiments to get better at their craft. Michelle is constantly trying new things and pushing her boundaries, which I have mad respect for. She also recreated one of mine and Joseph’s wedding photos as an illustration that will be framed in my house forever. Definitely follow her on Instagram/Facebook, and check out her website.



Rifle Paper Co.

rifle paper co. stationaryI don’t care what anyone says, school supplies make me giddy with excitement. I’m an ENFP, so I’m not really the Type A organizer, but I always loved school and school meant supplies. Rifle Paper Co. makes the most beautiful designs. The end. Bang gavel. Court dismissed. But really, they do. Every time I’m in a shop and find myself picking something up to get a better look, it’s usually made by Rifle Paper Co. This husband-wife duo makes some of the most gorgeous planners, greeting cards, art prints, recipe cards, and the list definitely goes on. Check out their Instagram, and be careful on their website, you may purchase more than you planned!



So that’s it for this round-up of artists. I know I used the words ‘gorgeous’ and ‘beautiful’ a sickeningly large amount of times. I hope that you found at least one, two, or hey maybe all of them made you feel inspired and cleaned out your soul a bit like Picasso was suggesting. Feel free to share some of your favorite artists and I’ll be sure to check them out! Have a great weekend!




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