Morphe Review – YAS or Pass?

Morphe Review – YAS or Pass?

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Morphe. They don’t know my name and I doubt they will ever see this, but I’m here to give my 100% honest opinion about the Morphe products I own. 

To be honest I didn’t actually need to give that disclaimer, but I feel like there is a lot of murkiness in regards to bloggers and Youtubbers reviewing this brand in particular because Morphe has such a large number of affiliates who receive a cut of every sale that is brought about from their affiliate/discount code. I don’t mind at all if someone has a discount code, I only care that the person is being honest and not telling me to purchase something that is actually awful.

I’m going to keep it completely real and use my new YAS/??/Pass system. Some of these products I love, some I’m not a fan of and others I’m not really sure what I feel. Everyone’s experiences and skin is different, so what didn’t work for me may work for you.


Morphe Brushes

E2 – Round Powder brush – YAS

She's the Man gif I'd tap that

I really do like this brush. A lot. It’s dense, soft, and has huge surface area which makes it perfect for setting your face. I haven’t quite gotten to the level where it’s fully replaced my current regimen. I typically use a beauty blender or puff thingy to press powder into my face to set it. But I am loving this purchase.


E4 Morphe brush E4 – Angled Contour brush – YAS!

You had me at Hello Gif

I featured this brush in my monthly favorites, and I 100% stand by that. I use this for blush instead of contour, but you do you boo. It has an even application and it’s easy to work with. This one and the E2 feel softer than some of the other brushes since they’re a part of the Elite collection. If you bought only one thing on this list, I’d say pick this.


Morphe 510 brush M510 – Pro Round Blender brush – Pass

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I’m confused as to why affiliates of Morphe choose this brush to promote. I see people use this brush all the time online, and yet when I try to apply my highlight, I’m like, where did it go?? I keep trying it to see if I’ll change my mind about this brush, but I’m left even more confused than the last time. It’s like being in a high school relationship.                                                                                                             Would I buy it again? Hard pass. (PS: I would not recommend getting anything but                                                                                                                      synthetic brushes from Morphe)


B80 Morphe Brush B80 – Pointed Crease brush – Yes?

Mean Girls gif Regina

This is a nice blending brush for shadow if you don’t have one already. It has a great shape and it’s tapered on the sides, which makes it great for blending eyeshadow into the crease. I have a couple blending brushes, but this one is great for when I want to switch colors and I don’t feel like cleaning the same brush. The M and B series are the cheapest at Morphe, so that means that many times the hairs may be a bit scratchy.


M321 Morphe brush M321 – Bullet Crease brush – Pass

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I thought this brush would replace my Sigma E20 brush since I’ve had that for like 5 years and it’s just now getting scratchy. (I highly recommend checking out Sigma) But nope. This brush isn’t as precise as “bullet” would make you believe. It has a nice angle, so you could use this for shading in the crease or in the outer corners of the eye. Just make sure that’s what you’re buying it for and not to precisely add pigment to your lower lash line.


M411 Morphe Brush M411 – Pointed Blender brush –  ??

princess diaries gif

The jury is not out on this brush. It doesn’t hold its shape as much as I want it to, so I’ve started using this when I need to wet a brush to apply a shimmery shadow to my lid, and it does the job for that. But I’m not really sure what else I could use this particular brush for…


M143 Morphe brush M143 – Deluxe Soft Fan brush
 – Pass

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Fan brushes are huge for contouring this year. I haven’t found one I’ve loved to the point I’d ditch my current contouring brush. I’m not sure if it was my particular brush, but the one that arrived had a nasty smell. Keep in mind the white-haired brushes are natural hair, not synthetic. One (careful) wash and the hairs did not hold their shape at all! The brush is twice as fat and still smelly, which is not ideal for contour. Nope nope nope!


Morphe Palettes

So my overall thoughts about these palettes. The shimmers suck in Morphe’s palettes. Just telling it 100% how it is. Everything swatches beautifully on the arms or when you pick it up with your finger. But you will definitely need to wet your brush or something to get pigment from those shimmers on the lid. If you want affordable shimmers that are easy to apply, check out Colourpop.

The matte shades aren’t bad at all and I’ve seen a lot of people make some great looks from their palettes. I love that their palettes have a lot of colors and there are so many crease shades to really build out a look. These are affordable, so if you’re looking for something simple and does the job, Morphe’s palettes are great for you! If you’re obsessed with formulas or ingredients, you may not be a huge fan.


12NB Morphe palette Natural Beauty Palette (12NB) – YAS…

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These colors are probably some of the exact ones I would want if I were to create my own palette. But… and there’s a big butt on this. I would want a brand like Anastasia to create the formula. This palette isn’t bad by any means, I’ve actually been reaching for this quite often. It just leaves something to be desired. If you’re on a budget, this is a great purchase. If you have a few more quarters in your couch, I’d buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette because the pigment and the formula are goals. Morphe’s 12NB is good in my book. It’s a great staple to have for an everyday look.


Mocha and copper morphe bundle Bronzed Mocha and Copper Bundle (25A & 25B) – YAS…

Fat Amy Pitch Perfect gif

I mentioned this in my haul post, but you could definitely pick one of these palettes in the bundle and call it a day. They’re both good palettes. I liked the golden shades a lot in the copper bundle (when I wet my brush to apply). The amount of transition shades is awesome, and definitely lets you build out a lot of different looks. The mocha palette is more of my shade range, but I reach for these two equally I would say.


So that’s it! Let me know if there are any Morphe products that you absolutely love and I may check them out! I will say I will most likely go more for the Elite line of brushes if I purchase any more. Like any brand, there are hits and misses. This was just my personal opinion on how I felt after using my products for a while.




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4 thoughts on “Morphe Review – YAS or Pass?”

  • I’ve always wanted to try Morphe after seeing it on blogs and videos. Thanks for the reviews about them. I heard some mixed thoughts on the brushes like yourself. If I get a chance I might pick a few things up. Maybe that round blender brush is not for highlight that’s why it’s not working. I have one in a similar size and use it to blend eyeshadow and it works like a dream. As for the palettes I think I’ll have to try one myself too.

    • The blender brush is what everyone RAVES about for highlight, so that’s what I did. After washing, it’s really wide, but not dense. I have a Mac and Sigma brush that look similar-ish and those are my go-tos. I’ll give it a try how you suggested and see if I can switch out its use!

  • Pretty cool (and I appreciate the disclaimer😉). I don’t kniw much about coametics and am justvtrying to learn more, so having honest reviews counts!!

  • The damned truth is that we never do the hard stuff until we have to and then we hate it. Flow comes afterward, and we;7#218&re damned proud of ourselves then! Great piece and wonderful work on your lovely home. K

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