October Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box

October Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box

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Today we are going to be unboxing and doing a review of the October Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box! Each box is $34, and the value of the box comes to about double the cost.



Stars Hollow Monthly subscription boxes



So this is what I received in my Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box:


October Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box


Makeup Bag (Exclusive – $14.99 Value)

This is lovely. I will say this was executed perfectly. The outside is white with a plastic feeling cover over it so it doesn’t get dirty. The inside is a bright orange, so a good pop of color. The logo for the company is just the logo, no text which keeps it classy and it’s in gold. This is perfect for when Joseph and I go to Montana for Thanksgiving to pack my makeup brushes in and any other toiletries.


Pocket Mirror (Exclusive – $9.99 Value)

I’ll be honest, when I first opened this, I got so confused as to what it was. It has a metal inside, so it wasn’t completely clear it was a mirror. It has a side for a close-up mirror, as well as a standard, which is perfect to throw in a handbag. I’m not a huge huge fan of what quote they chose from the show to put on it, or the placement of the quote on the cover. I feel like that could have been done better. But overall, I’m pleased.


Micro Poptart Squishable (Exclusive – $7.99 Value)

Not for me… personally the overly cutesy stuff just isn’t my vibe because it’s really hard to decorate and look like an adult who has her crap together if I have a bunch of cheesy TV and movie paraphernalia all over the place. Also we received a keychain in I believe the last box, so not feeling having both. This one will be passed on to another home.


Luke’s Can Koozie! ($4.99 Value)

This is probably my favorite item in the box this month. Though, the only thing that would have gotten me even more excited is receiving one of the giant oversized yellow coffee mugs with Luke’s branding. That would have been amazing. But this is great.


Doose’s Car Freshener ($2.99 Value)

No lie, I slightly bent the bottom of mine trying to get it out of the plastic wrapper… besides that, it’s adorable and it smells really nice. It’s got a passion-fruity smell, so I hope that lasts a long time in the car. Love.


Miss Patty’s School of Ballet Magnet (No Value Listed)

Strangely the magnet wasn’t listed in the little booklet for what was included for the month. I will say I will be gifting this to a coworker (along with a few other things if she’s interested), as I feel like the amount of keychains and magnets we have received are a little on the high end. This one is on pointe though… see what I did there.



So that’s it! What do you think of your October box? (Or mine if you don’t subscribe) You can check out Lit-Cube and the Stars Hollow Monthly subscription boxes here.




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