10 Tips on Treating Breakouts

10 Tips on Treating Breakouts

What do you do if you’re suddenly breaking out? Sometimes it’s one planet that surfaces, and other times it seems that there’s a mutiny taking place on your face against you. While treating breakouts can be specific to each person, I’ve compiled a checklist of things to do when you start breaking out habitually. (Stay tuned for a sensitive skin girl’s full skincare routine)


Treating Breakouts 101


Change Your Pillowcase and Wash Your Sheets

This one’s pretty obvious. Think about it. You sleep every single night in your bed, and regardless if you’re a night showerer, there’s going to be some stuff left on your pillow that could clog your pores and irritate your skin. The first thing you should do when treating breakouts is change your sheets, and possibly your pajamas!


Grab a Clean Towel

Same reasoning as changing your sheets for this one. If you can’t pin-point exactly how long it’s been since you switched out your towel for a fresh one, maybe it’s time.


Try Using Tea Tree Oil

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your moisturizer. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial and anti fungal essential oil, which is perfect for combatting and treating breakouts. For more info on essential oil secrets for the body, check out my post on 5 Essential Oils You Actually Need in Your Life. A budget-friendly tea tree oil option I would recommend is this one from artnaturals.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Don’t neglect your makeup brushes. Make sure you’re washing them often, and if you’re breaking out, it’s a good idea to give them a thorough clean. Here’s a great cleaner for brushes.

On that same subject, make sure you’re never using the wand on your concealer directly on any breakouts. Always put it on the back of your hand and then use a brush to apply. Otherwise you’re potentially putting bacteria back into your concealer tube until the next time you’re using it.


Check Any New Makeup/Skincare

Think about it for a second. Have you introduced something new into your skincare or makeup collection? Try omitting the new item for a bit to see if you’re having a negative reaction to it. If so, keep in mind that you can return makeup and skincare if it’s within the return policy for the store, even if it’s been used.

In general, check your face wash and moisturizer to ensure it’s not possibly making your face react negatively. My favorite combination is this cleanser by Cetaphil and this moisturizer by CeraVe. It’s SO gentle on the skin, and it has a very simple formula so you’re less likely to have flare-ups from it.


Throw Out Old Makeup

Shocking, but did you know that makeup has expiration dates?? Are you using a year old mascara? Toss it. The same rule applies to all of your other makeup (including palettes!), so make sure you’re never opening a new item before you’ve finished another. (Unless it’s old and needs to be thrown out)


Try a Spot Treatment

Back when I was a teenager, I did the whole white toothpaste trick. While it somewhat works, the residue left on my pillow and overall irritation makes me opt for other options nowadays. Try this one by Cosrx. Literally they are a miracle in a little tiny circle! Where were those when I was in high school?? You can also directly apply tea tree oil for the breakout, lavender for the inflammation, and frankincense for the scarring.


Get Some Sleep

Are you stressed out? Your body needs to sleep to deal with that stress, so it goes without saying that your skin needs you to sleep as well. Missing out on sleep means dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as… you guessed it, breakouts.

Also, just in case no one ever told you, always remove your makeup before you go to bed!!! Even if you have dry skin and no breakouts, makeup will clog your pores and age your skin! Here’s an article on what happens to your skin when you sleep in your makeup if you’re into researching. My favorite makeup remover is also my pre-cleanser, you can check it out here.


Drink More Water

Not trying to sound like your mom. But the more water you drink, the more your skin is hydrated and able to turn over new skin cells. I’m trying to get better at this one in particular, but this is huge for both your skin and weight. How did I encourage myself to drink more water? I got this adorable glass water container for work from kiki.K.


Analyze Any Diet Changes

Do you typically avoid fried foods? Dairy? Candy? Maybe that’s contributing to your breakouts. Just something to consider, as any greasy food is never going to help the situation on your face.



So that’s it! Do you have any tips on treating breakouts we haven’t covered? Leave a comment down below with your tips and tricks!




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