Wedding Planning 101: Underrated Wedding Shops

Wedding Planning 101: Underrated Wedding Shops

Hello everyone! As we enter the beginning of engagement season, I thought I would begin sharing more of my thoughts on wedding planning. My wedding was a whirlwind — both good and bad in many ways. So I thought I would share my list of underrated wedding shops that you should definitely check out if you’re engaged. A huge shoutout to all of my lovely friends and relatives who are engaged, I am so beyond excited for all of you! 


4 Underrated Wedding Shops

wedding invitations underrated wedding shopsMinted – Wedding Invitations

Anything with the word “wedding” in the title is 5x more expensive than any other occasion, and that includes invitations. While I was wedding planning, I was so frustrated that invitations had a billion pieces of paper and looked nothing like the vision I had. I ordered my wedding invitations from Minted (the photo to the left is my invitation) and I couldn’t have been more in love with them.

Minted features designers from all over the world who sell their designs through the platform. This helps the price drop to something more reasonable thanks to competition, and gives you more freedom to explore your options. You can choose your invitation design, request edits, select the type of paper it’s printed on, as well as get your entire guest list printed on the envelopes you select in the whatever design you choose. Check it out here.




affloral underrated wedding storesAfloral – Flowers

Is your favorite flower out of season on your wedding date? What if you could preserve your bouquet without using any weird chemicals/freezing it? Afloral is a website that sells faux flowers. (But if you check out the picture to the left, you can see that they’re super realistic) They also offer silk flowers!

If you’d like to customize your own bouquet, you can select each flower individually, or you can choose an already assembled bouquet. Check it out here.






wedding decorSave On Crafts – Decor

If you’re DIY-ing anything, you NEED to check out Save On Crafts. Even if you aren’t planning your wedding, you should check it out. They have amazing decor if you’re planning anything from a fairy wonderland to a modern Mad Man-esque reception. The smartest thing you can do for your wedding — choose decorations that you would want to keep later. You’ll thank me one day.

Lesson learned: make sure you’re double checking any measurements. Check it out here.





Unique Wedding Ties DaziDazi – Men’s Ties

I featured Dazi in my Wedding Shops for Men post, and if you want your bridal party to stand out, I would highly recommend checking them out. Dazi offers handmade ties that you can bulk order for anyone in the wedding party for a discount. (You can also purchase them separately.) The ties are amazing quality, and provide a pop for the gentlemen in the wedding party! Check it out here.





Other Underrated Wedding Shops to Consider

Click the titles to shop:



So that’s it! What other underrated wedding shops would you add to this list?




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