Wedding Planning 101: Choose Your Top Three Priorities

Wedding Planning 101: Choose Your Top Three Priorities

Wedding planning is a whirlwind of emotions. How do you stay level-headed so you don’t end up thinking puke green is the perfect bridesmaid dress color, or have a bridezilla moment when an obscure relative asks for a plus one after the guest count was finalized? There is a very good reason the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They play on your emotions to convince you that they should be a part of your happily ever after. And some of them may be. Let me share some incredible advice my matron of honor gave me when I was in the beginning stages of wedding planning:

Choose your top three priorities. And then be willing to compromise on some level for everything else.

I know, I know. Back when you had a pillowcase on your head, you dreamed of every little detail being absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, unless you’re a Kardashian, that may not be possible. The best thing you can do for your sanity (and your budget), is to narrow down what your top three dream items are.

For me, it was:

  1. A naturally beautiful location
  2. Photography
  3. A venue that had multiple packaging options for different price points
Wedding planning - Colson wedding
Colson Wedding planning
Wedding planning : Colson wedding
Colson wedding planning

It’s not at all saying that nothing else is important. But the list helps you create a foundation of what is important to you. That way, if something has to change, you don’t feel like your entire world is falling apart.

Your list may look nothing like mine. And that’s completely fine. Every marriage is unique and beautiful in it’s own way because it’s a reflection of the bride and groom. (Did you forget that the groom was a part of the wedding planning?)

I realized when I made my list that my priorities were mostly venue-focused. I’m an aesthetics person, so I allowed myself to be picky when I was looking at venues because that was what I knew was the most important to me. There was also another question I kept asking myself as I was planning:

Looking back on this day in 1, 5, 10+ years, will XYZ item really matter?

Most of the time, the honest answer is going to be no. I personally gave up videography and found inexpensive or free alternatives for other items to put that money in my budget towards my photographer. (Stay tuned to learn more about those!)

If you’re married at the end of the day, mission accomplished.

13 thoughts on “Wedding Planning 101: Choose Your Top Three Priorities”

  • Jenn, this is absolute wisdom. For those yet to be brides, I believe this is very helpful advice. Good job, daughter.

    • More posts are definitely to come so my experiences can help someone else have an easier time 🙂

  • So true! I’m trying to think back and remember what mine were when I got married in 2014… I would say, 1. Having our friends and family feeling emotionally involved in the wedding–the love, the emotional significance, and the fun! 2. Showing my gratitude to my husband and parents for everything they’ve done for me in my life, including throughout the wedding process. 3. Creating a beautiful scene for all 5 senses, for everyone in attendance–great food, great music, gorgeous florals!

    • You never realize until you’re there that you’ll either have something beautiful you only want to add a few things to, or you basically bring in a ton of stuff to completely transform it. Me personally, I wanted less work for myself…

  • Your right! Sometimes we forget about the groom and only think about ourselves. I will include my fiancé in all aspects of my wedding for sure! Great post btw!

    • There were actually a lot of things that were important to my husband that I didn’t really mind as long as I liked it… one of the big ones was food. I wanted things I would like, but I let him select the entire menu. All I did was let him know if I didn’t like something…… and I think I requested queso…..

    • Food was definitely high on the list for my husband. I actually let him select the entire menu and the cake!

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