Wedding Planning 101: Wedding Shops to Check Out for Men

Wedding Planning 101: Wedding Shops to Check Out for Men

One of the disappointing things surrounding weddings is that the bride is showered with too many options, too many stores and accessories, but then it’s unclear where the guys should go. It’s either you go basic cable with the exact same outfit as men in every other wedding ever, or you have to go out and dig to find where the best wedding shops for men are.

These are some of my favorite wedding shops for men:


For the Wedding Day:


SuitSupply Wedding shops for menSuit – SuitSupply

You will quickly notice when you get engaged that there is a HUGE mark-up on anything that has the word “wedding” attached to it. This industry has gotten so huge, I have no idea how I wasn’t more overwhelmed than I already was. I wish I had brought my husband and their party to SuitSupply. Not that Men’s Warehouse isn’t great (they gave amazing service to our guys), but what I love about SuitSupply is that these are gorgeous suits that are actually about the same price as renting a wedding suit… except this one you get to keep. They’re tailored, sleek, and it’s a much better investment. Check it out here.





Unique Wedding Ties DaziTies – Dazi 

In every wedding photo, you see pretty much the exact same tie on the groom and his groomsmen. My previous post here explains in-depth why I love Dazi, but if you want your wedding to have flashes of personality, it takes some research to find the right shops. I was so blind to how many options there were! I assumed that you either needed to go with whatever came with the suit or purchase something else from a department store or maybe Etsy if you felt like spending a fortune. Dazi has so many gorgeous and unique ties for both adults and children. Check it out here.




Gifts for the Groom or the Groomsmen:

the UncommonGreen Wedding Shops for MenBar Glasses – The UncommonGreen

Maybe there’s a city that’s close to your heart for the bride and groom. Or maybe the guys went out of town for the bachelor party. Hey, maybe you’re doing a destination wedding. No matter what, I can tell you the UncommonGreen is perfect for a unique keepsake that holds a meaning, but is classy at the same time. Their barware is flipping gorgeous. We have the London glass pictured left, and it’s *gorgeous*. They have so many different types of glasses, beer glasses, stemless wine glasses, copper mugs! Check it out here.





Wedding Shops for MenOutdoor Gear – Mountain High Outfitters

If you and the dudes involved in the wedding love the outdoors, this is an awesome shop to check out. My husband says that for gifts, guys typically gravitate towards survival, the bar, and keepsakes. This one definitely addresses that first one. They have stuff for camping, hiking/trails, yoga, snow sports and more. Personally I want that cocoon! Check out the shop here.









Wedding MenswearLeather Wallets, Bags, Shoes Etc. – The Frye Company

Leather and high quality goods are definitely coming back. (Notice I didn’t say luxury. There’s a huge difference of paying for the quality and paying for the brand name) These types of items are an investment, but they just get better with age. The wallets especially are beautiful. They have belts, bags, shoes, hats… for both men and women. Check them out here.





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Thanks for joining me! These are some of my favorite wedding shops for men. Do you have any you would add to this list? Leave me a commend down below, and be sure to check out some of my other tips on wedding planning on the blog! Have a wonderful week, and I will see you on the next one!




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