8 Practical Groomsmen Gift Ideas

It's wedding season! Whether you're planning your own wedding or Pinterest surfing (we don't judge), today we're going to be diving into some of my husband, Joseph's favorite groomsmen gift ideas.

Don't get me wrong, I have ideas on what makes a cool and great gift, but your man knows his friends the best. And even if your groom may not know what to get his friends, maybe mine can help him narrow it down.

"Wait, we have to buy our wedding party gifts?? Why?" you may ask...

To be totally honest, no, you don't have to buy your wedding party gifts. Don't tell your mama, but you can and should pick and choose what makes sense for your wedding. If you don't want to do a garter toss, don't.

When it comes to bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, I equate it to writing Thank You cards. It's a kind thing to do, especially when many of your bridesmaids and groomsmen are helping you plan, throw showers, and are potentially dropping a couple hundred dollars to participate in your special day.


What Did Joseph Give His Groomsmen?


Foxface with Jennifer

Aren't they adorable? Photograph by Outlander Photography


I'm a huge fan of being unique, and so is Joseph. We wanted to give our friends and family who were participating in our special day something that we thought they would love. Here's some of the gifts Joseph gave his guys:

  • North Georgia Mountains Moonshine Tasting Set
  • Avengers Pocket Watch
  • Superhero Wallet
  • Gift Card for a Wedding Band -- not kidding. One of our groomsmen got engaged so why not!

8 Groomsmen Gift Ideas the Guys in Your Wedding Will Love

The Bro Basket Groomsmen GiftThe Bro Basket

Joseph and I really wish we had known about this company before our wedding! The Bro Basket is a one-stop-shop if you need buying a groomsmen gift to be quick and easy. The company gives you so many options to choose from depending on what you and the bros bond over -- including beer, liquor, beef jerky and more. (We highly recommend the one we sampled, which was the Moscow Mule with Titos Tequila) Check it out here.


Side note: Father's Day anyone?


Groomsmen gift ideasBottle Breacher Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain

I feel like everywhere you turn around while wedding planning, there's another keepsake. Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts don't necessarily have to be a keepsake (see The Bro Basket if that's your vibe), but if you do want one, why not make it something awesome?

Not only is this bullet bottle opener cool and unique, but the fact it's on a keychain means it's portable and won't just sit gathering dust in the kitchen cabinet. (We're also big fans that you're able to customize each one) Check it out here.


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the UncommonGreen Wedding Shops for MenUncommon Goods City Map Glass

How cool are these? Did you bond over drinking whiskey in Scotland? Maybe your bachelor party is in Vegas. These glasses are a cool keepsake, but they're also classic and something your friends will probably keep for years. Cheers! Check it out here.


Holiday Gift guide for menThe Frye Company Wallet

As we get older, there are some things that you want to spend a little extra $$$ on. Wallets are definitely one of these items. We first mentioned these in our Holiday Gift Guide for Men, and these are so good we had to mention them here! The Frye Company also has a bunch of other things we would totally recommend if you're not feeling giving the guys a wallet. Check it out here.


Groomsmen coffee mugCafe Press Coffee Mug

We love coffee in our household. It’s cheaper then therapy and has a better success rate of keeping Joseph awake in the morning.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to show your appreciation for your men. (And Joseph likes having a good mug that is just for him) Check it out here


Men's Holiday Gift GuideThe Art of Shaving Starter Kit

Even guys need some good pampering! The Art of Shaving has some amazing kits, but we highly recommend this starter kit, which has everything he will need for a close and bump-free shave. There are a bunch of different scents to choose from, so mix and match, or go classic. Check it out here.          

practical giftsHot Logic Lunch Box

This is probably about as practical as it gets... which we get it, it's "boring." But this little thing is Joseph's favorite lunchbox in the world. The Hot Logic heats up your food within a 6 cup Pyrex container, which keeps everything tasting delicious unlike the microwave. All you have to do is plug it in. Check it out here          

Farm to FeetFarm to Feet Socks

These are AMAZING. Farm to Feet make some of the best socks for everything from everyday to hiking socks. They have special panels so your feet can breathe, and extra support for when you're hiking or running. Check it out here.          

What do you guys think? Do you have any other recommendations for what to get groomsmen? Leave a comment down below to help a brother/sister out!


J & J.


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Wedding Planning 101: Underrated Wedding Shops
Hello everyone! As we enter the beginning of engagement season, I thought I would begin sharing more of my thoughts on wedding planning. My wedding was a whirlwind -- both good and bad in many ways. So I thought I would share my list of underrated wedding shops that you should definitely check out if you're engaged. A huge shoutout to all of my lovely friends and relatives who are engaged, I am so beyond excited for all of you!   

4 Underrated Wedding Shops

wedding invitations underrated wedding shopsMinted - Wedding Invitations

Anything with the word "wedding" in the title is 5x more expensive than any other occasion, and that includes invitations. While I was wedding planning, I was so frustrated that invitations had a billion pieces of paper and looked nothing like the vision I had. I ordered my wedding invitations from Minted (the photo to the left is my invitation) and I couldn't have been more in love with them. Minted features designers from all over the world who sell their designs through the platform. This helps the price drop to something more reasonable thanks to competition, and gives you more freedom to explore your options. You can choose your invitation design, request edits, select the type of paper it's printed on, as well as get your entire guest list printed on the envelopes you select in the whatever design you choose. Check it out here.      

affloral underrated wedding storesAfloral - Flowers

Is your favorite flower out of season on your wedding date? What if you could preserve your bouquet without using any weird chemicals/freezing it? Afloral is a website that sells faux flowers. (But if you check out the picture to the left, you can see that they're super realistic) They also offer silk flowers! If you'd like to customize your own bouquet, you can select each flower individually, or you can choose an already assembled bouquet. Check it out here.          

wedding decorSave On Crafts - Decor

If you're DIY-ing anything, you NEED to check out Save On Crafts. Even if you aren't planning your wedding, you should check it out. They have amazing decor if you're planning anything from a fairy wonderland to a modern Mad Man-esque reception. The smartest thing you can do for your wedding -- choose decorations that you would want to keep later. You'll thank me one day. Lesson learned: make sure you're double checking any measurements. Check it out here.        

Unique Wedding Ties DaziDazi - Men's Ties

I featured Dazi in my Wedding Shops for Men post, and if you want your bridal party to stand out, I would highly recommend checking them out. Dazi offers handmade ties that you can bulk order for anyone in the wedding party for a discount. (You can also purchase them separately.) The ties are amazing quality, and provide a pop for the gentlemen in the wedding party! Check it out here.        

Other Underrated Wedding Shops to Consider

Click the titles to shop:     So that’s it! What other underrated wedding shops would you add to this list?   J.   For more fun, follow me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER!   *Photo credit on my banner image is Outlander Photography*  
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Foxface with Jennifer
Wedding Planning 101: Wedding Shops to Check Out for Men
One of the disappointing things surrounding weddings is that the bride is showered with too many options, too many stores and accessories, but then it's unclear where the guys should go. It's either you go basic cable with the exact same outfit as men in every other wedding ever, or you have to go out and dig to find where the best wedding shops for men are. These are some of my favorite wedding shops for men:  

For the Wedding Day:


SuitSupply Wedding shops for menSuit - SuitSupply

You will quickly notice when you get engaged that there is a HUGE mark-up on anything that has the word "wedding" attached to it. This industry has gotten so huge, I have no idea how I wasn't more overwhelmed than I already was. I wish I had brought my husband and their party to SuitSupply. Not that Men's Warehouse isn't great (they gave amazing service to our guys), but what I love about SuitSupply is that these are gorgeous suits that are actually about the same price as renting a wedding suit... except this one you get to keep. They're tailored, sleek, and it's a much better investment. Check it out here.


Unique Wedding Ties DaziTies - Dazi 

In every wedding photo, you see pretty much the exact same tie on the groom and his groomsmen. My previous post here explains in-depth why I love Dazi, but if you want your wedding to have flashes of personality, it takes some research to find the right shops. I was so blind to how many options there were! I assumed that you either needed to go with whatever came with the suit or purchase something else from a department store or maybe Etsy if you felt like spending a fortune. Dazi has so many gorgeous and unique ties for both adults and children. Check it out here.  


Gifts for the Groom or the Groomsmen:

the UncommonGreen Wedding Shops for MenBar Glasses - The UncommonGreen

Maybe there's a city that's close to your heart for the bride and groom. Or maybe the guys went out of town for the bachelor party. Hey, maybe you're doing a destination wedding. No matter what, I can tell you the UncommonGreen is perfect for a unique keepsake that holds a meaning, but is classy at the same time. Their barware is flipping gorgeous. We have the London glass pictured left, and it's *gorgeous*. They have so many different types of glasses, beer glasses, stemless wine glasses, copper mugs! Check it out here.        

Wedding Shops for MenOutdoor Gear - Mountain High Outfitters

If you and the dudes involved in the wedding love the outdoors, this is an awesome shop to check out. My husband says that for gifts, guys typically gravitate towards survival, the bar, and keepsakes. This one definitely addresses that first one. They have stuff for camping, hiking/trails, yoga, snow sports and more. Personally I want that cocoon! Check out the shop here.                

Wedding MenswearLeather Wallets, Bags, Shoes Etc. - The Frye Company

Leather and high quality goods are definitely coming back. (Notice I didn't say luxury. There's a huge difference of paying for the quality and paying for the brand name) These types of items are an investment, but they just get better with age. The wallets especially are beautiful. They have belts, bags, shoes, hats... for both men and women. Check them out here.        

Are you a bride? Check out my Wedding Planning 101 post here on the first thing to do once you're engaged!

  Thanks for joining me! These are some of my favorite wedding shops for men. Do you have any you would add to this list? Leave me a commend down below, and be sure to check out some of my other tips on wedding planning on the blog! Have a wonderful week, and I will see you on the next one!   J.   For more fun, follow me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER!  
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Unique Wedding Ties Dazi
DAZI Men’s Ties are All YAS for Spring/Summer Weddings
One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is finding the little details where you can uniquely be yourself and let your personality shine through. A lot of wedding products feel impersonal and very "one size fits all" -- and for good reason. The wedding industry is huge and everything is produced in bulk. But if you have a spring or summer wedding, I think I have an amazing men's ties brand that you should look into for the special men in your ceremony!  

DAZI Men's Ties

Dazi Men's Ties Wedding
DAZI men's ties
Dazi Navy Blue Floral Men's Tie
  DAZI men's ties skinny tieCan we take a moment for how handsome my husband is in that tie? He's wearing the style called Crew (pictured left). It's a gorgeous muted blue with multiple undertone colors, which gives it dimension in photos. I love the quality of DAZI's ties. They're 100% cotton and they're handmade. Not to mention that in addition to their skinny neckties, they have bowties, pocket squares and tie bars. They also have kids' ties for any little ones in the wedding party! Their online selection is so versatile. If you're a southern belle looking for a floral bowtie, they have one! If you're more of a city rooftop type of gal, you'll get a Mad Men vibe from some of their skinny ties.    

Why I love DAZI

  • They're unique
  • Each tie is high quality, but for an affordable price point
  • They have bulk order discounts!
  • The ties are handmade
  • They're perfect for all special occasions -- not just weddings!

My Current Favorites

  wedding ties for men DAZI unique men's ties

 (Click each image to shop)   To learn more about DAZI, or to check out their men's ties, bowties, pocket squares, and more, check out their website or follow them on Instagram. Which one is your favorite? I'm thinking Joseph needs Coral Flor next!!   J.   For more fun, follow me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER!  
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Our wedding cake
Eating Our Wedding Cake A Year Later
One of the wedding traditions I never fully looked into was eating the top tier of the wedding cake on your first anniversary. I'm going to go ahead and give you a spoiler: our cake bombed. And not in the good way.

To be completely honest, I didn't want to do the cake saving tradition.

(GASP!) Sorry, just being honest. I felt it was similar to the garter tradition, it just wasn't necessary. And both sounded a little gross. I was totally fine with having a two tier wedding cake and taking nothing home. But our venue basically included the top anniversary tier in the pricing, so here we are living to tell the tale. There are so many things that people will tell you about your wedding day that may or may not happen... quite forcefully, I may add. We have some hilarious stories that I'll be sure to tell in future posts. But one of the things that people harped on me continuously was that we most likely wouldn't eat anything so we should do the cake tradition. (Fun story, not only did we eat, but we were given a to-go bag so we ate again)

Pro-tip: Ask friends or family how their wedding cake was stored and if it worked for them.

Ours is a perfect example of what didn't work. My poor husband. Seriously. The poor guy talked about that cake for weeks. The week of our anniversary he constantly brought it up. (My husband has a sugar problem) We got maybe two bites in (the second was to make sure it really did suck that badly), and had to throw it away. Our venue wrapped our cake in plastic wrap, then put it in a box with a sticker with our wedding date on it, then wrapped it again in plastic wrap. Nope, nope, nope. It tasted stale with a touch of freezer burn. The only thing that was still relatively ok was the frosting, which is concerning now that I sit and think about it. My sister-in-law said their cake tasted wonderful after the year. Though to my understanding, they took their wedding cake out and rewrapped it in aluminum foil... so maybe if you choose to do this tradition, put yours in a glass Pyrex, then wrap that in aluminum foil, then suspend it in liquid nitrogen before having it take up half of your freezer (kidding).
Eating our wedding cake after a year on our anniversary
Anniversary wedding cake

If I had to do it all over, I would have opted out.

Just keeping it real. It's your wedding. You don't have to do any of the traditions. Personally, I just don't think it was worth the freezer space. I would have either opted out entirely, or done the smart thing and eaten the cake a week later. But, just like marriage, funny things happen and you live to post about it on social media. J.   For more fun, follow me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER!
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Colson wedding planning advice
Wedding Planning 101: Choose Your Top Three Priorities
Wedding planning is a whirlwind of emotions. How do you stay level-headed so you don't end up thinking puke green is the perfect bridesmaid dress color, or have a bridezilla moment when an obscure relative asks for a plus one after the guest count was finalized? There is a very good reason the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They play on your emotions to convince you that they should be a part of your happily ever after. And some of them may be. Let me share some incredible advice my matron of honor gave me when I was in the beginning stages of wedding planning:

Choose your top three priorities. And then be willing to compromise on some level for everything else.

I know, I know. Back when you had a pillowcase on your head, you dreamed of every little detail being absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, unless you're a Kardashian, that may not be possible. The best thing you can do for your sanity (and your budget), is to narrow down what your top three dream items are.
For me, it was:
  1. A naturally beautiful location
  2. Photography
  3. A venue that had multiple packaging options for different price points
Wedding planning - Colson wedding
Colson Wedding planning
Wedding planning : Colson wedding
Colson wedding planning

It's not at all saying that nothing else is important. But the list helps you create a foundation of what is important to you. That way, if something has to change, you don't feel like your entire world is falling apart.

Your list may look nothing like mine. And that's completely fine. Every marriage is unique and beautiful in it's own way because it's a reflection of the bride and groom. (Did you forget that the groom was a part of the wedding planning?) I realized when I made my list that my priorities were mostly venue-focused. I'm an aesthetics person, so I allowed myself to be picky when I was looking at venues because that was what I knew was the most important to me. There was also another question I kept asking myself as I was planning:

Looking back on this day in 1, 5, 10+ years, will XYZ item really matter?

Most of the time, the honest answer is going to be no. I personally gave up videography and found inexpensive or free alternatives for other items to put that money in my budget towards my photographer. (Stay tuned to learn more about those!) If you're married at the end of the day, mission accomplished.
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